The Ryonet Band Membership Changes Its Tune  |

When you’re a part of the Ryonet Band, you get so many perks. Well, we just updated the perks and rewards for members. You don't want to miss out on this.

With the old rewards program, members received a 5% rebate on a handful of products. 

Now, members will receive a 1% rebate on ALL products and equipment when they purchase on Presses, inks, exposure units, screens, emulsions, washout booths, and everything else will qualify for rewards. How awesome is that?!

When you make a purchase, you'll get "X" amount of points. For example, say you purchase a Riley Hopkins 250 4x1 press and RXP Exposure Unit.

points earned for buying the 250 press and rxp exposure unit

In total, you'd earn 2,365 points, meaning you'd get $23.65 in your screen printing account. Yeah, it may not seem like a lot, at first. You'd be surprised how quickly it'll add up when you are consistently ordering supplies like ink, film, emulsion, chemicals, etc.

In the end, it's a rad deal compared to the offerings before. The rewards program benefits the printer who is just starting out and needs all supplies and equipment. The program helps the established printer by giving back money for the repeat supply orders. The rewards will aid the growing printer when it's time to upgrade. 

Oh, did I mention that you’ll have exclusive access to free, online screen printing courses? From classes on using water-based inks to creating art in Illustrator, band members are the only ones who will be able to view these classes. 

If you are already a member, don't forget to use your points! We have the rewards program for a reason. Save your hard-earned dollars yet still obtain the supplies you need. 

Here's the cherry on top — the majority of prices on products are dropping. Between the rewards and lower supply costs, you’re going to be saving much of your hard-earned cash.

Honestly, there isn’t a reason not to join. It’s free, and incredibly simple. Here's what you do:

header on ryonet band page

Head to the Ryonet Band Membership page and click Join Now.

screen shot of

The site will open a new tab where a popup will appear on the left-hand side. Click Create Account.

screen shot of creating an account

Fill out the information and you're done. It's that simple.

Ready to rock out? Join the band now.

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