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So, you are wanting to get into screen printing, but aren’t quite sure where to start. One of the best things we can recommend is to dive deep into screen printing education in order to get a solid of basis of knowledge under your feet. This education can come in many forms such as: youtube videos, online classes, onsite classes, and more. One of our core values at Ryonet is to educate first, so providing future and current screen printers with all types of education, but especially onsite classes, is something we have put a lot of work into. We offer the Screen Print Experience Class all over the country.

What is Included in Our Screen Printing Class

Our Screen Print Experience class is great for people who are just getting their feet wet in the screen printing world and for those screen printers who want to brush up on their skills. Our classes go over all of the basics you need to know about screen printing. From designing your art, to setting up your screens, choosing your ink, and printing your design, we have got you covered. Check out the full details of what is included in each class below.

This Class Covers: 

  • Basic artwork flow
  • Film output options
  • Choosing the right mesh for your project
  • Setting up a dark room
  • Choosing the right emulsion and properly coating your screen
  • Using a pre-registration template
  • Properly burning a screen
  • Screen washout techniques
  • How to register your job
  • Proper silk screen printing techniques
  • Clean-up techniques
  • Creating artwork using Corel, Accurip, and Separation Studio
  • Spot color printing
  • Four color process (CMYK) printing
  • Simulated process printing
  • Foil applications
  • Discharge printing and mixing
  • Water based printing
  • Discuss printing on paper
  • Overview of different apparel types
  • Garment options
  • Tips on the business side of screen printing

What Our Students Are Saying

We have a lot of fun passing on knowledge to screen printers in our screen printing classes and we defintielty think its worth the investment. However, don’t take our word for it. Instead, check out the reviews below to see what the screen printers who took our classes think.


“The Ryonet Screen Print Experience class has empowered me to inspire my students’ creativity through the use of screen printing. Grandview High School DECA operates a screen printing shop as one of its School Based Enterprises. Students learn how to screen print along with learning other functions of running a successful print shop. This year, I decided to take my students to the screen print experience in hopes of showing them what screen printing looks like through the eyes of professionals.

It turned out to be a great decision as students brought back a firm understanding of the basics of screen printing along with many advanced techniques and tips that they continue to pass on to other students. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! The educators we had training us really did a great job and answered all of the questions we had. I am proud to say that because of our experience and knowledge the students got from the class, it played a big role in gaining International recognition from the DECA program as a Gold Certified Enterprise. We were recognized at our International Conference in April for this achievement. I strongly encourage everyone to attend the Screen Print Experience whether you are a seasoned veteran or just getting into the industry, you will walk away learning something new from this class.”

– Bradley Charvet, Grandview High School Instructor 

“We have attended two screen print experience classes hosted by Ryonet at two different locations.  They take you through the entire process of screen printing where the combination of classroom and hands on experience works for those new to screen printing and those who have been printing for years.  The instructors own screen printing businesses where each offered a different perspective based on their journey and experience.  I was only ever comfortable with doing all the activities around screen printing but not the printing itself, where after the first class, I went back to our shop and had the confidence to print 400 shirts on my own the next day.” 

 –Lisa, Carousel Hat

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If you are ready to book a screen printing class, you can do so here. We would love to have you join and be a part of the Ryonet Family. Remember, Ryonet Band Members get 50% off classes!


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