We are in This Together: Support Local Campaign  | Screenprinting.com

News can spread by word-of-mouth, but what about spreading a message by word-of-shirt? Small businesses are hurting from the current situation. We need to do whatever we can do to help them out. Let’s empower printers and local businesses by downloading this free, “Support Local” design.

Use the design to promote, sell, or giveaway and support local businesses within your community. Encourage people to shop local, eat local, buy local. By working together, we will get through this.

Not only are you going to be able to download the design and use it in your shop, you can also support shops that are using their skills to give back to their community – profit going to hospitality workers, sales going to local food banks, proceeds going to COVID relief funds. If you're able to give back, you're going to help so many people who are hurting right now. 

The current situation is not ideal. We are all hurting in some shape or form. Help out your community today.


The design was created by Cory Romeiser of Golden Press Studio. To support this local business, you can purchase their latest art vector packs or check out their merchandise.

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