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One of the big issues a shop runs into when they are thinking about upgrading, getting better equipment to increase their efficiencies or color count, or taking on new customers with additional capacity is…… what do they do with all of their used screen printing equipment?

Over the last five years, we have helped hundreds of shops upgrade out of old and inefficient equipment that continues to break down and hinders them for making max profit into new efficient ROQ automatic machinery. Print life is so much better once the upgrade happens, but you still have to deal with getting rid of, moving, un-installing, selling, and trying to recoup some money out of the old gear.

The reality is that there are over 25,000 automatic presses in operation in United States, so there is a huge market for used automatic machinery. While I personally think that getting a new, efficient, under warranty press is the way to go, it doesn’t mean your old gear doesn’t have value. Through hundreds of those experiences, there are three ways I have seen to be the most effective to move gear.  Here’s how it works, the level of difficulty, and the results you should expect.

Use a Broker

This is probably the easiest way to move your used gear, but there are some limitations you should be aware of. First of all, make sure you work with a reputable broker, get references, and get a payment or deposit up front. Have them review and go through the equipment first and sign a contract so you are VERY clear on what you are getting, who is doing what, and when it is all happening. The broker takes care of uninstallation, shipping, selling, and making sure the new buyer is happy with the product. Of course, the broker has to make money but they also are typically able to get more for the equipment.

Private Sale

When selling direct, you can definitely get more value out of the transaction but there will be more work and risk involved. Just like working with a broker, you want to make sure that you have upfront disclosures and a contract when you go to sell the product that lays out very clear what is yours and the buyers responsibility, what the condition of the equipment is, if it is sold as is or if it comes with any type of warranty,  what the payment terms are, and what the expectations for installation and delivery are. Definitely expect to be haggled with and low balled. Don’t take offense. If you want to get max value, you’re going to have a lot of these conversations and it might take a little bit longer. If you need to move the equipment fast, you may have to take a lower offer. Be as clear as possible and definitely get payment up front.


Depending on how many presses you are selling, going to auction or participating in an auction could be a great way to maximize the value of your equipment. Though they don’t happen that often, there are auctions and auction websites that pull in a pool of buyers and do advertising that gains a lot more eyes on the deal. Check out what an auction looks like with one of the biggest equipment auctions of the year here.

Screen Printing Auction

Screen Printing Auction 2

Screen Printing Auction

A final word of advice, don’t throw good money after bad, it is better to get up going with new and efficient equipment and get out of the old then try to squeeze every penny out of the old equipment. You’ll be happier, waste less time, make more money, and move on! ROQ on screen printers.

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