We’ve just sent this letter out in email form (to customer’s who subscribe to our email newsletters), but for anyone who might not be in that group, we hope you might read it here. The following letter is from Ryan Moor:

If you’ve ordered from Ryonet recently you may have asked yourself this question: Ryonet, why are you having problems with my order?!!? My hope is by openly and honestly addressing this question with you, you’ll remember this answer the next time you think about doing business with us.

What’s happening? Have you heard the joke that screen printing is the 2nd oldest profession in the world? Well, it’s no joke. Much of our industry is decades behind the game, especially from the supply side. Think about it—no bar codes, most transactions are placed over the phone and if “yesterday air” was an option, you know we’d all use it. Ryonet knew that simply having a decent website and a knowledgeable team wasn’t going to allow us to serve our customers in the best way possible so we decided to do something about it. Over a year ago we started the massive project to upgrade our ERP system in order to barcode, integrate, upscale and build a new website. Though the entire company worked hard to prepare, when we launched on August 12th we were hit by many unseen problems. The worst part was that the very customers we set out to serve better, got served worst. We put a lot of you in a bad spot and for that I personally apologize. I know how hard it is to run a business and I know what it means to be let down, it’s heartbreaking.

So what are we doing about it? First let me say that we haven’t screwed up every order. A lot of you may be reading this thinking, that’s weird; everything is A-OK over here.  We want to be open about what’s going on and to let you know what we are doing to fix the problems. After all, mistakes will always happen, it’s what we do to learn and grow from them that counts.

Here is what we are up to: 

  • Burning the midnight oil. Since our go-live date we have collectively put in over 5000 hours of overtime to fix issues and better our new system. Our team has stepped up tremendously, many working 30+ days straight.  We now track every error and find a solution before we close that error log out. As a result, last week our shipping errors dropped to under 2% overall, a tremendous improvement.
  • Filling up UPS planes. When we make a mistake, we do everything we can to fix it. This means we have spent tens of thousands of dollars on expedited and split shipments. Money well spent if/when we are able to get you out of a jam.
  • We’re frustrated, but not giving up! It’s not just customers who are frustrated. Our team members are also frustrated at our system and bummed out mentally from dealing with the weight of disappointing our customers. I want you to know how strong and courageous our team is and how lucky and proud I am of them. After all that crap, all those hours (and yes even some tears), no one has quit; no one has thrown in the towel. They care about you our customer, more than you may know! They realize that by choosing to do business at Ryonet you, by extension, feed their families, put a roof over their head and provide them opportunity for tomorrow. They fight tooth and nail to find solutions and solve issues for you everyday! We don’t hire your typical salesmen, office, warehouse staff, etc. we hire screen printers, family and friends we can trust and we make up a pretty unique group. We’re not perfect, but we work everyday to get better. It’s a core value around here.

What’s next? In the up coming weeks you will see more consistent shipments, a new website and live online customer center, innovative new products and some pretty rad sales! Our new cloud system allows us to help you anywhere with internet in the world at anytime we need to, it helps us automatically cut orders to fulfill your needs, set custom pricing and terms to fit your business and organize communication and data to make running a screen shop and ordering supplies easier for you!

We value every time you choose to do business with us. We know that without you printing shirts there is no us selling supplies and we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us the opportunity to better the screen printing industry. On behalf of Ryonet’s 100+ team members thank you, and we hope the next time you need help or supplies, you’ll think to yourself, this IS why Ryonet.



Ryan Moor


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