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About a year ago, Ryonet made the decision to switch ink manufacturers from International Coatings to Wilflex.  This was neither an easy nor quick decision, but ultimately, we wanted to help bring higher quality inks into more shops.

At the time, we introduced a versatile white ink called Epic Low Bleed White.  It was received by you, the printers, with rousing success.  Not only smooth and creamy for easy printing, but Low Bleed White could also be printed on garments up to a 50/50 polyester blend without having to worry about dye migration, thanks to its superior bleed resistant qualities.

One of Ryonet’s values is “Be the Best at Being Better,” so we wanted to take what quickly became our most popular white ink and make it even better than before. We’re happy to reintroduce you to the only white ink most printers will ever need: Wilflex Epic Perfect White.  Reformulated for even better opacity than before and faster flash times, you’ll have to use less ink and less time per print, saving you time and money.

Whether you’re a manual printer or an automatic printer, Perfect White will give you smooth, consistent, opaque prints every time.  Print it on cotton, cotton blends, and polyester blends without worrying about ink bleed or dye migration.  Want to put colors onto a polyester blend shirt?  Use Perfect White as an underbase and trust in its bleed resistance to save your colors!

Below, you can see in our new White Ink Comparison chart, Perfect White is the only white ink that has the potential to be printed on almost every print surface, on both types of machines.

View online Comparison Chart

There’s no one you can believe more than yourself, however, so check out Wilflex Epic Perfect White here, and let us know what you think!

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