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AccuRIP is absolutely the best RIP on the market and will exceed your RIP expectations as it did ours! AccuRip does not need a dongle, you can use the same serial number for either MAC or PC, and it works with a wide variety of Epson printers (unlike other RIPs).

AccuRIP delivers the most efficient work-flow. It was engineered to meet the unique needs of screen-printers. The other RIP solutions available are higher priced solutions that have been repackaged for the screen-print industry or sold as screen-print solutions even when though they include features that screen-printers do not need such as color management and cutting. AccuRIP takes over 10 times LESS SYSTEM SPACE than other solutions that can leave over 300 megs in your system.

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AccuRIP Black Pearl™ Software for Film Output with Epson® Printers

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