Aluminum Screen Printing Platens

Ryonet carries the best aluminum platens the industry has to offer. Made with high-quality materials, these platens and pallets are designed to give you the screen printing results you have been dreaming about. We carry print boards of various sizes for M&R, Riley Hopkins, and Silver presses, as well as the appropriate brackets. We also offer jacket hold downs, great for printing jackets, jerseys, and shorts.

Note: These products drop ship from the manufacturer. Please allow additional handling time.

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Livingston System Low Profile Platen for Hat Champ

$66.99Retail Price

Aluminum Platen (No Bracket) - 6x22in

$145.99Retail Price

Aluminum Platen (No Bracket) - 14x16in

$145.99Retail Price

Aluminum Platen (No Bracket) - 10x22in

$149.99Retail Price

MandR Style Aluminum Platen with Finger Grippers - 6" x 22"

$149.99Retail Price

MandR Style Aluminum Platen with Finger Grippers - 16" x 18"

$130.99Retail Price

Riley Hopkins Style Tapered Sleeve Platen - 4-6x22in

$187.99Retail Price

Hopkins Style All-Over Printing Supreme - 24.5x36in

$899.99Retail Price

Hopkins Style All Over Printing Supreme - 19x32in

$799.99Retail Price

ROQ Spirit Jersey Honeycomb Aluminum Platen - 18x20x28in

$395Retail Price

ROQ Honeycomb Platen - 32x26.4in

$424.99Retail Price

ROQ Umbrella Platen with Cane Support

$350Retail Price

Hopkins Style All-Over Printing Board - 45x39in

$620.99Retail Price