Athletic and Polyester Plastisol Inks

Ever had issues screen printing on cotton/polyester blends, 100% polyester, or stretchable poly fabrics? These types of garments can be difficult to print on due to their flexible nature and a process known as dye migration, where dye from polyester fibers is released into your ink when cured. Avoid issues and make the job easy with our unique line of polyester-ready inks, specifically designed to avoid these common problems!

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Wilflex Epic Top Score Dark Gray Plastisol Ink

$57.49 to $459.99

IC 900 Nylon Catalyst - 2 Ounce

$19.99Retail Price

IC 900 Nylon Catalyst - 8 Ounce

$29.99Retail Price

Wilflex Epic Hugger Catalyst - Pint

$59.99Retail Price