Screen Printing Platens

Ryonet manufactures all of our own wood platens, and we offer a wide selection of sizes for any printing type. Ryonet also offers a selection of other specific platen types such as aluminum, vacuum and hold downs, for jacket and athletic screen printing.

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Aluminum Platen (No Bracket) - 20x26in

$249.99Retail Price

Aluminum Platen (No Bracket included) - 18x20in

$169.99Retail Price

Aluminum Platen (No Bracket) - 10x10in

$349.99Retail Price

Hopkins Style Coozie Printing Pallet - 16x22in

$215.99Retail Price

Ryonet Jacket Hold Down Platen No Bracket - 18x18in

$389.99Retail Price

Riley Hopkins Jacket Hold Down Platen - 18x18in

$449.99Retail Price

ROQ Compatible Zipper Hoodie Platen - 16x23.5in

$274.99Retail Price

ROQ Compatible Zipper Hoodie Platen - 12x18in

$259.99Retail Price

Riley Hopkins Pro Upgrade 8 Station Aluminum Platen - 18x20in

$1,199.99Retail Price

Livingston System Low Profile Platen for Hat Champ

$66.99Retail Price

Stahls Hotronix Fusion Tote Master Platen - 8 x10in

$100Retail Price

Stahls Hotronix Fusion Round Bagger Platen - 7in

$110Retail Price

Aluminum Platen (No Bracket) - 6x22in

$145.99Retail Price

Aluminum Platen (No Bracket) - 14x16in

$145.99Retail Price

Aluminum Platen (No Bracket) - 10x22in

$149.99Retail Price

MandR Style Aluminum Platen with Finger Grippers - 6" x 22"

$142Retail Price

MandR Style Aluminum Platen with Finger Grippers - 16" x 18"

$130.99Retail Price

Riley Hopkins Style Tapered Sleeve Platen - 4-6x22in

$187.99Retail Price

Hopkins Style All-Over Printing Supreme - 24.5x36in

$899.99Retail Price

Hopkins Style All Over Printing Supreme - 19x32in

$799.99Retail Price

ROQ Spirit Jersey Honeycomb Aluminum Platen - 18x20x28in

$395Retail Price

ROQ Umbrella Platen with Cane Support

$350Retail Price

Socks Platens for You and Eco Presses

$350Retail Price