Screen Printing Squeegees

Every Ryonet squeegee contains a high-quality polyurethane blade which is manufactured right here in the USA. We offer four types of squeegee durometers: 60 Durometer, 70 Durometer, 80 Durometer, 70/90/70 Triple Durometer.

Note: The durometer is a measure of the actual hardness of each squeegee, which in turn determines how much pressure is necessary to push ink through a screen mesh. The higher the durometer, the less the blade flexes, so a softer, lower durometer blade flexes more in printing than a harder, higher durometer squeegee.

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ROQ Squeegee R2 - 12in (Legacy YOU M Models Pre-2013)

$48Retail Price

ROQ Squeegee R2 - 5in (Legacy YOU M Models Pre-2013)

$20Retail Price

Ergo Force Squeegee 60 Durometer - 8in

$30Retail Price

Ergo Force Squeegee 60 Durometer - 10in

$37.50Retail Price

Wood Squeegee 60 Durometer Pack

$95.96Retail Price

Squeegee Blade 70 Durometer - 12' Roll

$99.99Retail Price

Shur-Loc Squeegee Cleaning Unit - Main Box Only

$699Retail Price