CCI ER-35 Emulsion Remover - Gallon

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$34.99Retail Price








Concentrated formula designed to penetrate and break down all types of emulsion systems. Mix 1 part solution to 4 parts of water.

Screen Reclaiming Tip

During the screen reclaiming process never let the emulsion remover chemical dry on the screen, this will chemically lock the emulsion in the screen and most likely render the screen useless. Always complete the reclaiming process while the screen is wet.

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*Gallon sizes and above cannot ship via air. they must be shipped via ground


This product is designed for removal of all photo polymer, diazo and capillary film emulsions. ER/35® is safe on all types of mesh and is drain acceptible to a treatment plant, after soil release, when used as directed.

I Use concentrated, or can be diluted up to 1 part product to 4 parts water.

II After removal of ink, block out and tape, apply ER/35® to a wet screen (both sides).

III High pressure water rinse until all emulsion is gone.

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