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Ryonet Solid-Loc System Panel - 21x24in 86 White Mesh


Solid-Loc panels of mesh are specifically and scientifically engineered

to give you the maximum print area of the screen while maintaining

tension longer and more consistently than both standard static and

Newman Roller frames. With a static or roller frame, mesh is simply

inserted or stretch and glued across the frame as precisely as possible.

Unfortunately, this often results in tension and mesh weave

inconsistency and creates a screen that doesn't hold tension as long and

produces poor quality print results. Solid-Loc panels are engineered

and laser cut to meet the specific geometry needed to hold maximum

tension over time as well as provide a larger print area. These panels

of mesh are designed to be stretched in a Solid-Loc frame between 30-40

Newtons and typically maintain around 30 Newtons for thousands of screen