Green Galaxy Comet White HSA Water Based Ink - Quart

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Comet White by Green Galaxy is the first Phtalate and PVC free water based ink that performs like plastisol, but feels like water based ink. Light, creamy and easy to use Comet White stays wet in the screen during printing longer than any other water based white we have tested. With the ability to print through mesh sizes ranging from 110-305, Comet White not only prints great it feels amazing on the shirt. With an extremely soft hand, bright and crisp look and flexible nature, Comet White is the best thing to hit the screen printing since White Plastisol.

“Ryonet`s Comet White ink is the best thing that has ever happened to me or my shop. We just tried it today for the first time and are seriously talking about entirely switching over from plastisol. Please tell me it comes in five gallon drums.”

Brian Weisserman

General Information:

Ready-to-use water based ink for screen printing on fabrics. Can be printed on polyester or dye migrating fabrics with optional use of Green Galaxy™ Warp Drive low cure catalyst. 

Mesh Guidelines: 

Can be used with any mesh between 156-305.

Stencil/Emulsion Guidelines:

We recommend using either a water resistant emulsion like Ryonet WBP or using an emulsion hardener like Ryonet Harden-X.

Mixing info: 

This product can be mixed with other Green Galaxy™ HSA Water Based Inks. 

Printing Instructions: 

Load screen with plenty of ink. Flood screen prior to printing. Green Galaxy™ HSA Water Based Ink can be printed with a push or pull squeegee stroke. After printing, flood screen allowing ink to sit on top of image to avoid drying. If screen clogs or exhibits dry ink in the print, re-flood and aggressively print again, this should clear the screen. If it does not clear the screen, spray a small amount of warm water into the stuck areas of the screen and wipe out with a rag. If you are leaving your screen for an extended period of time be sure to leave your screen flooded completely. If your ink begins to scale over, spray with water to rewet ink. Green Galaxy™ HSA Water Based Ink can be printed with other water based inks and with plastisol inks.  

Flashing Instructions: 

For flashing, forced air flash is optimal. Flash until dry to the touch. 

Printing on an under base: 

Green Galaxy™ HSA Water Based Ink colors can be printed on top of Green Galaxy™ Comet White, or discharge under base. Ensure that the under base is properly flashed so that it is dry before printing color on top. Perform wash test to ensure inner layer adhesion.

Curing Instructions: 

Printed fabric should be cured for a minimum of 90 seconds at 360°F. Ideally, printed fabric should be cured for three minutes at 300-320°F. 


After printing, perform a stretch test to ensure elasticity. It is always recommended to perform a wash test to ensure proper cure prior to going into production. You may also run abrasion testing to watch for flaking and test adhesion. Increase cure dwell time if testing fails.

Clean Up: 

Ink should be removed from screen as soon as printing is completed. General wash-up (on ink that has not dried) can be done with water, though using Sgreen™ Aqua Wash is much easier and recommended. For aggressive or dried screens, use Sgreen™ Aqua Wash to dissolve ink and blast out areas of dried ink with water pressure. 

Storage info:

Keep container(s) tightly closed. Store in cool, well-ventilated location that is locked. 

General Safety Precautions: 

Do not breathe vapors. Wear protective gloves. Do not eat, drink or smoke when using product. Wash hands thoroughly after handling. Dispose of this product in accordance with local, regional, national and international regulations as specified.

Compare to: Virus Perfecto White

Finally a water based ink thats easy to print


I've been printing plastisols for more than 10 years and during that time I've tried several water based whites on dark fabrics with less than desirable results. I recently ordered ordered several quarts of the Meteor series wb inks including the Comet white and tried a test as soon as it arrived. I test printed with a 156 mesh using Ronets SVP emulsion, Although this is not a water based friendly emulsion when properly exposed you can get quite a few prints before it breaks down. Anyhow this ink printed beautifully on a Gildan 2000 style cotton shirt with nearly as high opacity with less ink thickness and softer hand as advertised with none of the harsh chemical clean up associated with plastisols. If your interested in getting into water based printing try this ink. If you have your set up right this ink will perform as advertised.

Favorite by Far


my favorite white water base ink by far. easy to print with and very opaque with a push stroke.

Very Thick


This is my first experience with Comet White and I'm not sure what to think. I may be completely wrong here, but this stuff is super thick - like a paste, not creamy. I did the DQ Blizzard test and it won't fall off the paint stick. Just sits on top of the shirt. I know it's going to be thicker, but this stuff is thick. Maybe I'm wrong - anyone have any insight?

Way Too Thick!

by -

This stuff turns to glue about 5 minutes into printing. So thick and pasty that it actually lifts the shirt off of the adhesive. Terrible experience, and very unhappy with this ink.

Solid ink


I wanted a thicker white ink for printing, most of the other white water based inks I have used are often runny and can't hit the opacity I'm looking for, especially on dark shirts. This ink is great, but thick as cement!

<br>I used it on a 160 mesh screen and really regretted it, definitely should have used a 110 at max.

<br>Just finished up a 100 shirts hand pulled, really recommend pushing this ink, it sets like glue and kills your wrists and fingers. Had to do multiple passes to get the results I wanted and still a little light but best of the inks I've tried so far.