DIY Starter Press Platen Bracket

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Looking for a way to expand and screen print more with your DIY Starter Press? The DIY Starter Press Bracket allows you to interchange platens on Ryonet’s DIY Screen Printing Press. These platen brackets are compatible with Ryonet’s 1 Color DIY Blue Screen Printing Presses and 4 Color and 1 Color White Screen Printing Starter Press.

1 review

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allows to much movement


allowed to much rotation on axis. it has 1/8 inch gap on either side allowing a full 1/4 inch rotation no matter how tight you clamp it on, it will rotate on its one access allowing movement with minimal force making 1 color printing with 2 passes a nightmare, i couldnt imagine using this for a 4 color shirt on my 4 color diy press.