X-Vactor XL Drying Cabinet - 20 Screen Capacity

$1,499.99Retail Price

$1,499.99Retail Price
Ships for $250 in Contiguous US. Additional shipping charges apply.
The X-Vactor XL's screen cabinet utilizes space effectively and makes the X-Vactor easy to move around. It holds 20, 20" x 24" or 23" x 31" frames at once in a light safe environment. This cabinet is great for drying screens after they are degreased, drying emulsified screens, or even simple screen storage. The cabinet's floor is open to allow for maximum air circulation and each of the screen cabinets have two fans to help air circulate freely.

Note: Does not include the X-Vactor exposure unit, drying cabinet only.

Tech Specs:

  • Solid aluminum frame
  • Built-in screen slats
  • Durable heavy plastic panel for light-safe enclosure

*It is recommended to keep the floor under the exposure unit clean so that your screens stay clean. Also, if you are using the cabinet primarily for drying emulsified screens, we recommend getting a dehumidifier and placing it directly beside or behind the exposure unit so you are feeding the cabinet fans dry air.

Overall Dimensions: 40”(W) x 57” (L) x 29” (H)

Compare to: Lumitron, First Light

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