Dual Edge Emulsion Scoop Coater w/ Plastic End Caps - 16 in.

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$29.99Retail Price

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Tired of the ends of your scoop coater falling off? This aluminum capped scoop coater keeps your emulsion exactly where it belongs - on your screen. Simply screw on the metal end caps and start coating. For a deeper clean, you can always take it apart and do some real scrubbing. Don't worry, the solid milled aluminum can take it.

NOTE: Screens are measured to the outside diameter, so choose a scoop coater 4" smaller than your screen size. Example: A 20" x 24" inch screen will only require a 16 inch scoop coater.

Compare to: Sefar 16" Scoop Coater

4 reviews

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As expected.

by -

Exactly as described. Works great! CAUTION: I received a paper and some sandpaper telling me to be sure there were no sharp edges on the ends. Apparently there were and I ripped the very first screen I ever purchased. So be warned, sand, sand and sand. Get them edges really smooth.

The screen popper

by -

Man, I love Ryonets products. All but these coaters. What is worse than the ends falling off of the plastic capped ones? Having your screens pop because of the metal machining of these coaters. First, you have to sand the super sharp edges, and then still hold your breath while you coat your screens. I coat screens every day, and these coaters pop more than I have ever popped in 15 years of coating screens. Im gonna have to risk the ends of the plastic capped scoop coaters falling off before I coat another screen with these metal coaters. Sorry Ryonet. Love you, just hate these!

Dont buy


Recently bought one and the metal edges have torn 3 of my new screens i JUST purchased and one old one. Fantastic.

CAUTION! Sharp ends Pops Screens


NOT a fan of this coater. It pops screens very easy. I just popped a brand new screen so needless to say im not very happy.

<br>Please either bring back the plastic end caps or do something about those sharp edges! cant afford to keep popping screens