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Blackmax Epson Artisan 50 All Black Ink Cartridge Set

$159.99Retail Price

$159.99Retail Price
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We've partnered the BLACKMAX™ ink system with our special AccuRipSF software which directs the Artisan 50 printer to draw equally from each cartridge. Six 18ml cartridges load the Epson Artisan 50 printer with a lethal arsenal of dye based ink producing maximum opacity films. Total ink yield for these cartridges is close to 110ml of black ink.

Consumer note: Epson Artisan 50 BlackMax™ Ink Cartridges are color coated to insure proper placement in print. PLEASE NOTE: there is BLACK ink within the cartridge though a color is labeled on the top of it. You must use AccuRip software in order to print all black ink w/ this cartridge system.

Compatible with US model products

User MUST run BLACKMAX™ Ink through an Epson Artisan 50 using the AccuRip Software, if you don't have AccuRip, see details here.

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