Custom DTF Transfers from Ninja Transfers

Print any design on any product, material, or color with incredible durability. Enjoy amazing quality with no minimums and fast shipping, ensuring you get the best results quickly and effortlessly.

Elevate your screen printing business by incorporating Direct-to-Film (DTF) transfers into your services. DTF transfers offer unparalleled flexibility, quality, and efficiency, enabling you to diversify your product range and increase your market appeal.

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"I loved the DTF". I am no longer using sublimation or vinyl transfers. It looks great, and feels great."

Jonathan Z.

"Great work and so fast I couldn't believe it. Ordering was easy and they followed all my instructions. 10/10"

Mike G.

"AWESOME. Vibrant colors, quality and perfection was put into all the work. Shipping was fast. Completeley satisfied!"

Zerlina E.

The Ninja Transfers DTF Process


Upload Your Designs and Place Order Online.

Enjoy the freedom to use designs with unlimited colors, whether they are simple or highly detailed. Just upload any design, and your artwork will be transformed into a high-quality Direct to Film (DTF) transfer.


Printed & Shipped within 24-48 Hours.

Your artwork will be transformed using our unique DTF transfer process, ensuring the most detailed and highest quality full-color direct to film transfers available.


Heatpress when Ready. Keep Extras in Storage Forever.

Press your DTF transfers at 320°F with medium pressure for 12-15 seconds. Allow them to cool for 15 seconds before peeling, and then press again to ensure ultimate durability.

Use Code: Ninja and Save 10% on Your First Order

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