FoldR Automatic T-Shirt Folding Machine

$10,995Retail Price

$10,995Retail Price

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Paying someone to fold shirts is time consuming and labor intensive, but for large shops, offering this service may win you larger or more prestigious contracts. Set yourself apart with the Ryonet® FoldR. It can stack and fold up to 500 shirts an hour with the same consistency from start to finish. Create a neatly folded pile for easy boxing using the automatically lowering stacking tray, or, efficiently package each individual shirt with a one-step process using the lift-up pallet option. The FoldR is a great companion for any ROQ Automatic shop looking to take on bigger contracts.
Power: 115v ½ amp

Power Draw: 230w

Required Air Pressure: 6 bar

Air Consumption (Max): 50 l/min

Total width: 28"

Length with/without stacker lifted (min/max): 59"/13"

T-shirt folder width: 6" - 13"

T-shirt folder length: 7" - 16"

Weight: 200 lbs.

Production with stacker: 500 pieces/hr

Production with packaging: 350 pieces/hr

Number of programs: 10

Retail: $10,995

Roq Client Monthly Price: $199/mo

ROI vs Folding Manually

Shirts per hour manually folding on a flip fold = 275 / $15/hr = $.055

Shirts per hour on FoldR = 500 / $15hr = $.03 per shirt

Savings shirt = $.025

Savings per hour = $12.50

Folding hours to pay off machine monthly = 14.32hr

ROI on Up Selling Bagging

Cost of Poly Bag = $.05 (high cost at uline)

Cost of Labor Per = $.04

Sale Price For Bagging = $.25

Profit Per Shirt/Bag = $.16

Profit At 5000 Shirts Bagged A Month = $800 ($.16 x 5000)

Additional Profit After FoldR Payment = $601 ($850-$199

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