Green Galaxy Fusion Blue HSA Water Based Pigment - Gallon

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$74.99Retail Price








Fuse your own Green Galaxy™ Water Based Inks or refill your Green Galaxy™ Fusion Mixing Kit with this Green Galaxy™ Fusion Mixing Pigment. Using our slick online Pantone® based color mixing program and all 11 Green Galaxy™ Fusion Mixing Pigments, it's now just as easy to mix your own custom water based colors as it is to print them. Ryonet's Green Galaxy™ Fusion pigments have all of the same leading-edge features as our ready-to-print Green Galaxy™ Water Based Inks. With extensive in-screen open times, filter-less mixing, improved viscosity for superior pigment control and print opacity, HSA (High Solids Acrylic), and the flexibility to be used with Warp Drive for use on more versatile printing mediums, we designed the Green Galaxy™ Fusion Pigments for passionate printers. Just add the appropriate amount of pigment to Green Galaxy™ Clear Core and/or Opaque Core bases or your favorite clear discharge base and fuse your own color pallet for your next print!

*Pigments will NOT cure without mixing base.

*See product details for mixing instructions.

Just wanted to say that this Fusion white is awesome. No chunks, no straining needed and the PMS color matches with it are dead on. With your old white pigment the color matches were always off. For instance any Cool Grays with the old pigment I had to sometimes double or even triple the amount of black it called for to get the color to be correct. Not with this new Fusion. Looking forward to using the rest of them once I run out of the old pigments I have.

Mixing instructions:

To access the latest version of the mixing formulas click here.

Green Galaxy™ Fusion Mixing Pigments can be mixed directly into Green Galaxy™ Clear Core Base, however we recommend creating your own base with 80% Clear Core and 20% Opaque Core. Adding 20% Opaque Core to your mix provides more body and better coverage to the ink. If you desire more coverage or body you can add additional Opaque Core to the mixing base, but this will alter the mixing formula slightly and manual tweaks will be necessary to achieve the originally desired Pantone® color.

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