Ryonet HiFi Blue Photopolymer Emulsion - Quart

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$39.99Retail Price

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Ryonet HiFi Photopolymer Emulsion is a one part, ready-to-use textile emulsion recommended for plastisol inks. It offers durability and excellent image quality. Due to the product's high solids it yields a better coating, thicker stencils, sharper edges and excellent resolution. HiFi is pre-sensitized and does not require the addition of Diazo. This emulsion is an affordable performance solution for more expensive emulsions like QTX or ChromaBlue.

Ryonet HiFi is a high performing advanced photo emulsion. If you are using a basic light source or not familiar with using photopolymer emulsion we would recommend using our RXP Emulsion which has a wider exposure latitude and is easier to use.

Size: Quart

Active Additive: No additive needed (pre-sensitized)

Color: Blue


HiFi Photopolymer Emulsion is pre-sensitized and ready for use. Apply to clean, degreased, and dried screen mesh with a scoop-coater using appropriate application techniques. Reclaiming HiFi Photopolymer Emulsion is easy and works with most stencil removers or reclaimers that are available in concentrate and ready-to-use formulas. Follow proper instructions for reclaiming.

Shelf Life: Opened: 6-8 months

Helpful Hints to Ensure Your Emulsion Lasts Longer Once Mixed:

  • Keep in a cool area, emulsion will break down much faster in heat. Keeping emulsion in a fridge can help to give a slightly extended shelf life, however, emulsion that has gotten to the point of freezing will no longer work properly and must be replaced.
  • Keep the emulsion lid on tight to preserve air and light leaks.

  • Gently mix the emulsion each time before use to help extend the life.

  • To ensure best results, date your emulsion once mixed and keep an extra container on hand once the emulsion is about to expire, environmental factors such as temperature and humidity can cause emulsion to expire more quickly.*

*Environmental factors such as temperature and humidity can cause emulsion to expire more quickly.

Compare to: Chroma Blue

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