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Hopkins Style All-Over Printing Board - 45x39in

$620.99Retail Price

$620.99Retail Price
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The AOP - EZ is the fastest and least expensive way to accomplish All-Over-Printing. Simply lay the shirt down on the pallet and print the entire shirt. One of the challenges is getting the 2 layers of material to hold still enough for printing. Trick - a small amount of spray glue inside the shirt will do the trick. Our thick Honeycomb Aluminum is perfect for this application. It's ability to withstand the pressure & heat of our environment is well documented. Additional square re-enforcement bars on the bottom of the pallet ensure a long-life of flatness. Bars and brackets are attached using both double sided tape and rivets. 
The honeycomb is finished using all solid aluminum inset framing. The simple solutions are sometimes the most elegant. Bracket not included.

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