How To Screen Print Video Series - Screen Exposure

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Screen exposure is the final step required to prepare your screen for the printing press. In this How to Screen Print video we walk you through the steps of registering, exposing, and post-exposing your films.

Learn how to use a pre-registration system, which allows you to accurately and efficiently align your films on your screen printing frames.Discover how an exposure calculator, or step wedge test, can help you determine the exact exposure times required so you get the perfect screen exposure for your screen printing project. For more, check out this video about how to tell if your screen is overexposed.

Find out how post screen exposure can make your screens last longer. And Finally, we discuss techniques for using block out to cover pinholes in your screens caused by air pockets or dirt on the film and how to properly tape your screens to ensure unwanted ink does not spill into your screen printing project.