IC 7525 UltraMix Fluorescent Green Hi-Light Plastisol Ink - Gallon

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$40 $74.99   47% Off
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With Ryonet's brand new NEON inks, your screen printing future looks bright! Stand apart from the crowd and let your prints be seen! Ryonet's Neon fluorescent inks are perfect for any job from retro 80s inspired designs to ultra-modern. Get in on the action now; these fresh screen printing inks are perfect for hi-lighting your work.

Screens must be coated with a plastisol or hybrid emulsion to prevent stencil breakdown on press. Post-hardening the stencil is recommended for long print runs. You may mix in Curable Reducer to help thin the ink at a mix ratio of 1-25% by volume. Adding reducers may reduce the opacity of the ink.


Print wet-on-wet without flash curing. Degree of color/wash fastness is dependent on proper curing.


156 to 305t/in. The mesh count being used will determine how much squeegee pressure should be used.


60-80 Durometer or 70/90/70 triple durometer. Typically heavy squeegee pressure is preferred.


Use RXP, HiFi or any standard plastisol emulsion.

Cure Instructions

325 F through the entire ink film. Test dryer temperatures before a production run. Wash test printed product prior to beginning production run.

Clean Up

Plastisol Screen Wash such as Citra Paste. You may use mineral spirits sparingly, as it my break down screen adhesive.


H (1) F (1) R (0) P (B)


Store in cool dry place. Elevated temperatures thicken product and shorten useful life.

Compare to: Rutland M3 Fluorescent Green

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