Ink Temperature Strip - 16 Pack

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Thermolabel Temperature sensitive strips help to insure the ink is cured properly on the shirt when under the flash or through a conveyor. This is a cost effective way to ensure a proper cure that is right every time.

16 strips come in one package. Each temperature strip has five temperature readings:
  • 290 degrees
  • 300 degrees
  • 310 degrees
  • 320 degrees
  • 330 degrees

    Directions for use
    1. Peel off label from backing (each backing sheet has 8 labels)
    2. Stick label onto shirt next to ink surface
    3. Put through heating process (conveyor or flash)
    4. Squares will turn black as rated temperature is reached
    5. Temperature will be between highest black square and lowest white square
    6. Cure temp for most plastisol and water based inks is between 320-330 degrees

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    These temp strips are not as they appear


    The strips they send you are not these strips. The new ones are useless.

    Use a Temp Gun instead


    They are much cheaper than a Temp Gun but don't work nearly as well. Buy a temp gun instead.