InkSoft Studio Online Design Software

$999Retail Price

$999Retail Price

InkSoft Studio is powerful technology that was invented to solve the industry’s oldest problem: Art.

Creating production ready graphics is time consuming, tedious and costly. Without approved graphics, you can’t advance the sales and print production process. You are stuck. InkSoft Studio is a professional web site with an integrated online designer and 12,000 premium vector designs and clip art. Imagine your customers designing online right from your web site!

NOTE: InkSoft Studio has a one-time initial fee of $999. There is an additional $99 per month fee for unlimited hosting.

InkSoft Studio Key Features:

Professional Web Site

Make a positive first impression with a gorgeous web site. Choose one of six web site layouts and customize with your logo and marketing.

Online Interactive Designer

Creating production ready artwork is simple and fun thanks to InkSoft’s intuitive online designer. Allow your customers to create art right from your web site. Have a web site? You can embed the InkSoft Design Studio onto any web site!

12,000 Designs & Clip Art

InkSoft Studio comes with over 12,000 premium keyword searchable vector designs and clip art. InkSoft’s complete range of categories and styles means you will be prepared with the right art for any selling opportunity. You can even upload unlimited custom art and make it available to your customers!

Online Art Approvals

Increase accuracy and customer satisfaction with InkSoft’s online art approvals. Allow your customers to review, comment and approve graphics online from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Secure Cloud Back-ups

Your most important assets are safely backed up and secured with InkSoft. InkSoft offers unlimited usage including art uploads, storage, and user accounts.

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