Kiwo Pregasol CF20 Screen Decoating Solution - Gallon

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$59.99 $61.99   3% Off
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Kiwo Pregasol CF20 concentrate is a concentrated stencil remover for removing direct emulsions and capillary films. It can be diluted up to 1:10 with water for optimum efficiency. It does not crystallize when it dries, making it especially suitable for use in automatic reclaiming equipment.

Kiwo Pregasol CF20 concentrate has been formulated for dilution with up to 20 parts water Depending on the type and thickness of emulsion coating and desired results, KIWOCLEAN PREGASOL CF 20 concentrate can be diluted with 5-10 parts water for maximum screen cleaning.


  1. Apply the diluted solution with a soft, clean brush evenly on both sides of the screen after the screen has been carefully cleaned of ink residue. Rub the screen gently with a brush to dissolve the emulsion. 
  2. After approximately 2 minutes, rinse thoroughly with a strong water spray. A high pressure water spray (1000 - 2000 psi, 40 - 60 bar) may be required for highly water resistant emulsions. Prolonged reaction time may result in reverse effects and does not help in the decoating process. Rather, rinse the screen and reapply fresh decoating solution. 
Ensure that the diluted KIWOCLEAN PREGASOL CF 20 concentrate solution does not dry on the screen. This can lead to a hardening of the emulsion and the resulting emulsion residues will be extremely difficult to remove.

For automatic equipment a dwell time of 60 -120 seconds after applying the decoating solution is sufficient. If not all emulsion is removed, a second reclaiming cycle should be used to completely remove the emulsion.

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