Lawson Image Lock RFU Pre-Treatment Solution 5G

$275Retail Price

$275Retail Price

Image Lock RFU is a universal pretreat solution for cotton material, with wide application parameters. Image Lock RFU is specifically designed to minimize staining and blocking, and to increase color brilliance, soft hand feel, and wash fastness for all direct-to-garment prints.

Image Lock RFU is a Ready-for-Use Pre-Treat Fluid for Dark Cotton Garments

  • Anti-staining
  • Soft feel
  • Wash fastness
  • Brighter color

Important Application Directions: Image Lock RFU can be applied with any automatic spray unit, like the Lawson Pre-Treat Express or Select automatic spray system, or can be applied by hand with a mist sprayer, pump sprayer, airbrush or garden sprayer, etc.

Spray an even coat of pretreat solution in the print location. Do not over-saturate the garment. Dry pretreat solution with a specialized conveyor dryer (like the Lawson Pioneer/Digi-Star or Omega System 3 Dryer) or by using a heat transfer press.

Curing: When using a heat transfer press to dry, DO NOT use a Teflon sheet or silicone treated parchment paper to protect the garment, and DO NOT clamp the heat transfer press too tight. Simply lower the press to set on top of the garment and use a plain paper (or non-silicone treated parchment) as a protective sheet. Press the garment for 10 seconds at 330°F. Remove the pretreatment paper and then press for an additional 10 - 15 seconds.

Too much pretreatment may leave a stain on the garment and will cause the image to flake and peel during wash tests.  Lighter garment colors require less pretreatment than black or navy. Garments can be pretreated in advance in batches before final printing.

Curing Finished Print: Fully printed shirts must be heat cured at 330°F (165°C) for at least 90 to 180 seconds (depending on the shirt color) with a heat transfer press, using medium to heavy pressure with silicone treated parchment paper cover; heat transfer paper; or for glossy prints, a Teflon sheet.

Warning: This pretreatment is designed to have a chemical reaction with the White ink. It is VERY IMPORTANT that the print head does NOT touch a pretreated garment, or this chemical reaction can take place in the print head and permanently clog it. Always check the print head and garment clearance before printing.

Storage: Keep tightly capped in a cool, 50-100°F (19-38°C) area.

Washability: Wash garments inside out in cold water using a delicate setting on the dryer.

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