Riley Hopkins

From the garages we started in, to the garages you print in, Riley Hopkins has changed the face of the screen printing industry forever. It’s a brand we are proud to manufacture and support. Our team, from welder to success rep, is focused on helping your shop be successful. Having our hands in every part of the design and every aspect of it’s build and support allows us to control our quality and service the way we want to. Since we started making the presses in 2013 they have gotten better, because you told us what would make them better.  

This has cumulated into the brand new Riley 300, our latests and most advanced model yet.

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Riley Hopkins 500

Amazing press - the quality is world class

"The Riley 500 is built like an Abrams tank but the with precision of a Swiss watch. When I assembled the press I was amazed at the fit and finish. The manufacturing quality shows through in every single piece that makes up this press. Everything fits together perfectly - and coming from someone who has worked in the manufacturing industry for decades, I appreciate attention to detail. But even beyond how amazing this press looks and feels, the ease of on press job setup is awesome. Seating the frame in the head, adjusting the off-contact, tilt, and X-Y, and how well this press holds registration is amazing. The Roq style palets are super easy to adjust and like the print heads, even the palet locking mechanism is precise. Overall I love this press. The investment will pay for itself over and over again. Go for quality. "

- Todd Tomlinson

Riley Hopkins Flash Dryer 18" x 18

Much Better Quality then Amazon

"Put this together this weekend and right off the bat I was impressed with the quality. The stand is good heavy metal and very solid. I bought some other dryers on Amazon cause it was cheaper and they were not close to this one. Thin metal and they literally burned out on me (caught fire). I wish I had spent the money on this one the first time."

- Family T-Shirts

RileyCure Conveyor Dryer

"Assemble Was An EASE!!!

Wow! when it arrived in 4 different boxes, on a pallet, i was initially intimidated. I felt like this was going to take longer than a bookcase from IKEA to assemble. Boy, was I WRONG!!!! This thing was sooooo easy to assemble. I almost wanted to take it apart and assemble it again. BBC & Ryonet did one helluva job with this RILEY CURE!!!"


-Echo4 Design