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Which White Ink is Right for the Job?

White is the most used ink color in screen printing. Whether you are using white as a spot color, highlight, or underbase, it is crucial to have the right white ink to ensure a quality print and performance on the press. The info below will help you decide which white ink to choose for your next print job.

Ink Price Automatic Printing Manual Printing Cotton Cotton Blend Polyester Blends Polyester

Lava Perfect White LB
Easiest to print, excellent opacity, brightness, and dye bleed resistance, best versatility on a wide range of fabrics.
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LAVA Meteor Classic White
Easy to print, premium cotton white ink designed to print on 100% cotton.
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Wilflex Epic Poly White
Excellent bleed resistance, high opacity and good coverage on a range of athletic or specialty fabrics.
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Wilflex Epic Top Score White
High Performance low cure, low-bleed white ink designed to complement the Top Score palette, athletic or specialty fabrics.
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