Friday, January 22, 2016

Rogier Ducloo, EVP Marketing & Sales
Ryonet Corporation
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Ryonet Announces Three-Year Squeegee-To-Squeegee Warranty On ROQ Automatic Presses

Vancouver, Wash. — As an indication of confidence in the product it offers, Ryonet announces an industry-first three-year squeegee-to-squeegee warranty for all ROQ automatic screen printing presses sold in the United States and Canada, past and future.

“We believe ROQ presses are the industry’s strongest, most durable and most dependable automatic screen printing presses in the world,” says Jeffrey Paul, SVP corporate strategy, Ryonet. “It just makes sense to back that up with an industry-leading, best-in-class warranty.”

The 36-month-long warranty covers all squeegees, flood bars, pallets, and just about everything else on the press. In addition, it includes all related labor and travel expenses in the event that inperson maintenance is required. This means wages, transportation, lodging and food expenses related to on-site technical support are fully covered. Fuses and belt replacements are not included.

“Ryonet and ROQ view maintenance and support as an opportunity to improve the quality and reliability of our products and not as an incremental revenue stream,” says Ryan Moor, founder and CEO of Ryonet. “We are proud to offer this warranty to all current and future ROQ owners.”

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