Friday, June 3, 2016

Rogier Ducloo, EVP Marketing & Sales
Ryonet Corporation
Phone: (360) 576-7188 x222
Fax: (360) 546-1454

Ryonet Offers New Industrial Chemical Line

A new line of industrial chemicals from Ryonet is geared toward providing consistent, solid-performing, convenient products for a wide spectrum of screen printing applications. Affordably priced and readily available throughout the United States, Ryonet Industrial Chemicals are ideal for volume screen printing operations and shops that buy in large quantities.

The result of an extensive R&D process, the comprehensive line, which can be used for plastisol and water based ink systems, includes: degreaser concentrate, dip tank solution, emulsion remover, emulsion remover concentrate, ink degrader, liquid haze remover and press wash. All products have been formulated with safety, economy and production efficiency in mind, with easy-to-use containers and size options.

Ryonet Industrial Chemicals are part of the Ryonet Plus program, which offers in-store reward credits for members on specified products, as well as immediate shipping.

To contact, call (800) 314-3690; email: