Thursday, March 31, 2016

Rogier Ducloo, EVP Marketing & Sales
Ryonet Corporation
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New Ryonet Sgreen® Ink Degrader Is Effective and Environmentally Friendly

Screen® printers looking for a more environmentally friendly way to wash out their screens will want to try a new product from Ryonet called Sgreen® Ink Degrader. Made of all-natural soy-based components, this product allows you to remove difficult apparel and graphic screen printing inks during the washout process without affecting the emulsion.

Because it contains no volatile organic compounds, it is safe to use in a washout sink with water and a brush. It also can be used in a recirculation system, which decreases the amount needed, saving money. It is designed to dissolve plastisol ink without using chemicals harmful to the earth. It even has a pleasant smell.

Sgreen Ink Degrader is one of seven products in the Ryonet Sgreen line that represents the company’s commitment to develop greener products and processes to make usage safer for screen printers and to lessen the impact on the Earth. This line was developed based on the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) definition of sustainable chemistry. Held to this standard, only the cleanest most efficient products will be offered.

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