Riley Pro Complete Screen Printing Shop Package

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$14,999.99 $16,015   6% Off Retail Price

$14,999.99 $16,015   6% Off Retail Price

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The Riley PRO series of packages are geared towards those looking for a turnkey higher production shop with everything needed to produce larger quantities of shirts from start to finish. With this package you have the ability to do just about anything for a customer. The focus of the package is based around the easy to work with heavy-duty Riley 500 printing press. With this press at the center of your shop everything else falls into place to make products move smooth and quick. Also, with the BlackMAX and AccuRIP software you have the ability to print any detail of film up to 13" wide. In addition to the pre-press, darkroom, washout and printing equipment we also include 12 screens, inks and chemicals. With this turnkey shop setup to compliment your screen printing operation all that is left to do is sell, sell, sell. It's time to rock n' roll!

This Kit Includes:

  • Riley 500 6-color, 6-station Press
  • 18" x 18" Riley Hopkins Flash Dryer

  • 8' RileyCure Conveyor Dryer
  • 25" X 36" RXP Exposure Unit with lid
  • KDL Washout Booth
  • Aluminum Screen Frame Rack 
  • Upgraded Supply Kit
  • Sgreen Green Chemical Kit
  • Film Output Kit

Riley 500 6 color, 6 Station Printing Press

Ryonet’s NEW Riley 500 is the next evolution in heavy duty manual printing presses. With a sturdy, time-tested Riley Hopkins® construction and an exclusive compatibility with ROQ’s strong but featherweight honeycomb aluminum pallets, the Riley 500 can handle any print job while running at maximum manual speeds. Features like, tool-free off-contact adjustments and XYZ micro registration come standard and allow you to quickly setup and adjust your press with the same ease as any ROQ automatic screen printing press. If quality and innovation are your priorities, it’s time to get behind the wheel and drive the Riley 500 to the finish line and claim your victory.

Features and Benefits

  • Sturdy, heavy duty, lightweight construction.
  • XYZ: Micro registration
  • Tool-Free adjustments
  • Honeycomb pallets
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime

RileyCure Conveyor Dryer

Turn up the heat on your production speed with our RileyCure™ conveyor dryer. Constructed with printer in mind, we make all Riley Hopkins® equipment with the same standards of efficiency and stability that have been counted on for decades by screen printers. Featuring dual 3050 watt heat elements, a spacious 4 foot tunnel, versatile 24 inch wide belt, adjustable gates for optimal heat retention, built-in belt speed control for on-the-fly adjustments and a special track-free belt, this conveyor dryer can handle the jobs from multiple presses at once at about 220 shirts per hour. It's high powered, compact, and ensures consistent cure depth on even your most ambitious orders. Give your Riley Hopkins® press a sidekick it can count on with the RileyCure™ from Ryonet®.

Product Specs
  • Length: 96"
  • Width: 34"
  • Height: 41"
  • Belt width: 24"
  • Belt height: 30.3"
  • Belt drive: 120V
  • Belt speed: 1-12 fpm
  • Chamber length: 48"
  • 2 heat elements of 3050 watts each
  • Element voltage of 208 or 240
  • Wattage 6500 at 240volt
  • Amps 27
  • Plug is a NEMA L6-30P
  • 3 year warranty

18" x 18" Riley Hopkins Infrared Flash Dryer

Features and Benefits
  • Fully capable of fully curing plastisol ink
  • Adjustable height with rotating capabilities
  • Quality IR panel for overall consistent heat across a 18" x 18" area
  • Comes with wheels for easy use and mobility
  • Plugs into a 20 amp wall outlet
  • Comes with a 3 year warranty
  • This flash does has an on/off switch/light

25" x 36" Exposure Unit with Lid

Features and Benefits
  • Expose the finest detail possible and give yourself the ability to print halftones
  • Includes a compression lid for ease of use and optimal results
  • 240 watts of unfiltered UV power
  • 25" x 36" 8 bulb Unit
  • Heavy-duty extruded aluminum construction
  • 3 year warranty

KDL Washout Booth

This sink confines the mess of screen preparation, image wash out and reclaiming to reduce contamination in your shop. 

Features and Benefits
  • Made of strong and durable quarter inch polypro
  • Welded main pan ensures a quality seal and no leaks
  • Built-in screen supports
  • Threaded drain hole makes it easy to plumb
  • The semi-transparent back panel makes it easy to backlight
  • Easy to follow assembly instructions
  • KDL booths are manufactured by Blackline or Chemical Consultants

Film Output Supplies and AccuRip Software

This Kit Includes
  • AccuRIP software (serial code, no disc)
  • Rite Film 13" x 19" pack - 100 sheets
  • Epson P400 13" Printer w/ Roll Option

Ryonet Eco Dunk Tank and Solution

The all new Ryonet Eco Dunk tank is a simple, affordable and durable dip tank. The Eco Dunk tank is made from 100% recycled material and environmentally friendly. This heavy-duty tank is the best built soaking system made specifically for the purpose of screen reclaiming. Polyethylene is an ideal material for 2 in 1 ink / emulsion removers. 

Screen Frame Rack

Now you can store your screens off the floor with one of our aluminum screen frame racks. No more dust, dirt or fibers getting stuck in your emulsion. Our aluminum screen frame rack holds 10 screens and keeps them evenly spaced for maximum airflow for faster drying times. This rack will accommodate 20" x 24" and 23" x 31" screens in wood and aluminum.

Complete Product and Chemical Kit

  • 4 - 110 mesh 23" x 31" aluminum screens
  • 4 - 156 mesh 23" x 31" aluminum screens
  • 4 - 230 mesh 23" x 31" aluminum screens
  • 4 - 305 mesh 23" x 31" aluminum screens
  • 2 Plastisol Inks - Wilflex Epic Lava Ink - (Gallons of Lava Perfect White and Lava Black)
  • 11 Plastisol Inks - Wilflex Epic Lava Ink - (Quarts of Lava Royal Blue, Lava Golden Yellow, Lava Orange, Lava Purple, Lava Red, Lava Lime Green, Lava Lemon Yellow, Lava Teal, Lava Light Blue, Lava Pink and Lava Kelly Green)
  • 2 Water Based Inks - Green Galaxy Ink (Quarts of Pitch Black and Neptune Blue)
  • 1 quart Curable Reducer
  • Wilflex Epic Rio Mixing Kit
  • Digital non-contact thermometer
  • 10 - ink scoops for easy ink handling
  • 1 - roll of 18" x 100 yards pallet protect tape
  • 4 - 15" squeegees
  • 4 - 12" squeegees
  • 2 - 8" squeegees
  • 2 - 6" squeegees
  • 1 - 16" emulsion scoop coater
  • 100 black test square / printing pellon 14" x 16"
  • 100 white test square / printing pellon 14" x 16"
  • 1 20oz can of screen opener
  • 3 - 2" X 36 yds. blue screen tape
  • 1 light safe yellow bulb
  • 1 can of Ryonet's Screen Clean Screen Opener - quickly removes dried ink from screens
  • 1 can Glass Cleaner - cleans exposure unit glass
  • How to Screen Print Digital Playlist
CCI Large Textile Chemical Kit
  • 1 gallon RXP Dual Cure Emulsion
  • 1 gallon Ryonet Textile Press Wash
  • 1 quart Envirowash
  • 8 oz. Ryonet Emulsion Remover (concentrate)
  • 1 quart Green Stuff
  • 8 oz. Green Hand Cleaner
  • 1 can Ryonet Spray Mist
  • 1 gallon Spot remover wit Ryonet Spot Gun
  • 8 oz. Red Block-Out
  • 3 chemical resistant spray heads
  • 1 chemical resistant spray bottle
  • 3 chemical resistant scrub brushes

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