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Aluminum Screen Arsenal 20 Pack 23x31in

by Ryonet

Ryonet's Arsenal Screen Pack are an affordable way to upgrade your screen supply. Arsenal Screen Packs include five different mesh sizes (110-280 mesh), enabling you to expand the range of graphics you're able to properly expose. These frames are stretched to 18-22 Newtons and made from high quality aluminum in the USA!

Buy the Aresenal Screen Pack and SAVE

Includes the Following:

  • 4: 110 Mesh Screens
  • 4: 156 Mesh Screens
  • 4: 200 Mesh Screens
  • 4: 230 Mesh Screens
  • 4: 280 Mesh Screens

156 mesh is great for general purpose textile printing with basic to semi-fine detail. They will hold a little finer detail than 110 mesh and also work well with thinner inks.

280 yellow mesh screens are great for high-end fine detail printing. A 280 mesh can hold halftones very well and also lets a little more ink through then a 305 mesh.