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Amaze-Ink Cleaner

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Break up clogs in inkjet printers without wasting valuable ink or possibly damaging the nozzles. Amaze-Ink Maintenance Fluid has non-caustic chemicals that bust through the toughest obstructions so you can get back into pre-production.

Even when used properly, inkjet printers can still clog. Some may use other methods like household cleaners to remove the blockage, but that can damage the printer. With its special, ammonia-free formula, Amaze-Ink cuts through obstructions while keeping you and your printer safe. Keep a bottle of Amaze-Ink on your shelf. It’ll save you when your printer is in a jam.


  • Safe and non-caustic
  • Ammonia free
  • Powerfully cleans out clogs
  • Does not inflict damage on printer
  • Syringe included
  • 240 ml of fluid