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Blackline WDX Washout Booth


Constructed of welded polypropylene, the WDX series washout booths have a ceiling and splash guards to help minimize spray while cleaning. The semi-transparent polypro back panel is fully backlit for easy viewing. These units have built-in screen supports that help keep screens in place while cleaning. A perforated drain prevents the tape from clogging the waste system.

Sizing detail

  • 36 : 24"D x 36"W x 74"H
  • 48 : 24"D x 48"W x 74"H
  • 60 : 24"D x 60"W x 74"H
  • 72 : 24"D x 72"W x 74"H


  • 44-inch interior box height
  • Ceiling
  • Splash guards
  • Pressure washer wand support
  • Hooks for hanging scrubbers
  • Backlighting (additional strips for larger units)
  • AirLectric foot switch
  • Built-in screen supports