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ProChem DCM Dual Cure Diazo Emulsion (Blue)


DCM Dual Cure Diazo Emulsion is designed for graphic printing; the emulsion is specially formulated to resist solvent based graphic inks. While other emulsions may break down or set up due to a solvent reaction, this emulsion will wash out fine and hold up throughout the job.

NOTE: This emulsion comes with a bottle of Diazo.

Types of ink used with this product

  • Inktech CRP
  • Enamel
  • General Purpose
  • Gloss Vinyl
  • Other inks such as two part epoxy.

Shelf Life

  • Unmixed: 6-8 Months
  • Mixed: 2-3 Months

Helpful hints to ensure your emulsion lasts longer once mixed

  • Always used distilled water to mix the emulsion diazo
  • Keep in a cool area; emulsion does not like heat and will break down much faster in heat
  • Do not let your emulsion freeze, this will instantly ruin the emulsion
  • Keep the emulsion lid on tight
  • Slightly mix the emulsion every time you use it

To dial in your exposure time, we suggest running the Step Wedge test with a Step Wedge Calculator.

Click here to watch an instructional video on the Step Wedge Test