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Douthitt CTS Wax Blocks 1kg


Replacement Wax blocks for Douthitt CTS

About Douthitt CTS:

Ryonet is excited to partner with Douthitt on the CTS30 - the Computer to Screen Wax Ink printer. The Douthitt CTS30 has a proven 12-year track record of success, with units still in the field running strong. This CTS will not let you down.

The capability of the Douthitt CTS output is maximized with the Xitron/Harlequin RIP. The Xitron/Harlequin RIP system enables custom workflows that can be created specifically for a shop to cover CMYK, Simulated Process, Spot Colors, and more. It offers full LPI control, the ability to choose your desired dot shape, as well as the angle of the dot to mitigate moire patterns.

The consistency of the CTS30 Wax ink gives a higher quality printed dot and it's density is thicker and far superior in comparison to the water based ink used with films film and other inkjet technologies. Wax ink offers the best droplet shape, fidelity, and it's high density enables a printer to fully harden screens, boosting your durability and production on press.

With the optional ROQ compatible 3-point locking system, registration time is slashed in half, keeping your press running and making you money.

A printer can expect to produce 240 screens per 8-hour shift, at a resolution of 600 DPI, and up to 85 LPI if needed. The robust build and proven track record of the Douthitt CTS30's production is consistent and repeatable, screen after screen, job after job.