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FlipFold T-Shirt Folder - Junior Size

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The FlipFold is one of those products that you look at and just think, "Duh!" It's so simple and extremely needed in any print shop. It's simple: it folds shirts into industry standard specs in a flash. Think about having the ability to quickly and effectively fold shirts with professional presentation for boxing, bagging or shelving. This will step up your game and save you time!

FlipFold FAQ:

What is the difference between the FlipFold Adult and the FlipFold Junior?

The single difference is the dimension of garment once it's been folded: FlipFold Adult folds to 9" x 12" and FlipFold Junior folds to 7"x 10".

Why would I need a FlipFold Junior?

FlipFold Junior folds garments to a slightly smaller dimension, 7" x 10". FlipFold Junior works well for both adult or kids sized clothing, as well as smaller household linens like pillowcases and hand towels.

Why are there holes in the FlipFold?

The holes give the board an aerodynamic quality, which helps to decrease static. By allowing air to pass through the board as it's used the shirt is less likely to cling as you fold.

Why does FlipFold have feet/bumpers?

This design provides easy handling and non-skid performance on whichever surface you choose to fold on.

What material is FlipFold made out of?

FlipFold is proudly manufactured in the USA and is made from polypropylene plastic.

Does FlipFold come with instructions?

Yes. Every FlipFold has instructions engraved on the center flap, and each FlipFold comes with a printed instruction sheet. Folding instructions are also available on the FlipFold website. Visit the FlipFold YouTube channel for helpful FlipFold how-to videos.

FlipFolds are so affordable they are great to have at the end of your dryer, by your heat press, in your embroidery room, in a retail store and even at home. They also make great gifts. Grab a FlipFold or two for yourself today and join the folding revolution.