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Hot Rocket L Conveyor Dryer, 10ft Long x 30" Wide Belt

by Ryonet

We aimed for the moon with our new Hot Rocket L conveyor dryer and landed on the most effective curing tool we've ever used. With internal temperatures of up to 900 degrees, our one-of-a-kind airflow system allows for ideal curing of plastisol, without spreading it's heat to the outside body. The design circulates only fresh air, curing water-based ink and discharge more quickly and efficiently than most dryers. With a 30" wide belt, heavy duty conveyor motor and reversible direction belt, you'll have no trouble getting a consistent cure out of any job you throw into it.

  • Total Length: 10.25' 
  • Total Width: 30"
  • Wattage: 14,400 Watts, 240 V
  • Amps: 1 Phase (51 amps) 3 Phase (31 amps)
  • Copper Wire Recommended(Consult with your electrician)
  • Shirts / Hour: 550 (plastisol) 217 (water based)
  • Includes Drop Down Wheels/Casters