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Ryonet Universal Face Mask Platen Kit

by Ryonet
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Face masks are here to stay. Print masks with confidence and ease with the Ryonet Universal Face Mask Platen.

What's unique about this face mask platen is the lockdown feature. When you clamp down the mask, the clamp stretches the mask to create a smooth printing surface. Whether you're printing on the side or front of a mask, the clamp will lock the mask in place for a clear printing surface.

The printable surface has neoprene foam, which creates a surface that adheres to the mask to the platen. The face mask platen works for the majority of the face masks on the market. With a two-ply mask, you do not need to worry about an adhesive. With a single-ply mask, you do need an adhesive.

The platen works for Riley Hopkins 150, Jr., Silver Press, and 300. The platen does not work for the Riley Hopkins 350 press. The platen only works for presses with tube-style station arms.



  • (4) Ryonet Mask platens, hold-downs
  • Riley Hopkins Low Profile Brackets Included
  • 2” x 3” or 3" x 3" printable platen surface
  • Solid aluminum construction
  • Heavy-duty neoprene foam for garment grip
  • One-handed, lockdown clamp for superior holding strength
  • 3pk of White Allmasks
  • 3pk of Black Allmasks