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60 White Screen Mesh - 52"x1 yard

by Ryonet

This high modulus polyester monofilament screen printing mesh is sold by the yard and used for stretching. It can be used on either static or dynamic frames and stretched to higher tensions than the standard tension on many pre stretched frames. A higher tension allows for better, easier prints and with some frames, the mesh can even be retensioned, prolonging the life of the mesh/frame.Your basic and most standard mesh sizes are 110 and 156. 110 mesh lays a fairly thick layer of ink down and is great for block text letters and larger spot color designs. It's also a recommended mesh for white flash plates because many times you will only have to make one print impression which speeds up production time.

156 mesh also lays down a little thicker layer of screen printing ink but offers you some higher detail ability in your image due to the finer mesh.

Lower mesh counts like 40-86 are used for shimmer and glitter inks. These inks have particles in them that will not pass through the typical mesh sizes. Shimmer plastisol inks have finer particles in them so you could use an 86 mesh while glitter inks have much larger particles so it would be recommended to use a 40 or 60 mesh screen.

200 and 230 mesh are used for finer detailed images and thinner inks. These mesh sizes can hold larger half tone dots but are not recommended for four color process prints or fine detail half tone printing. Printing through these higher mesh counts will let less ink through the screen giving you a much softer feel on the shirt.

305 mesh is used for extremely high detail textile printing and fine halftone four color process and simulated process prints. Fine half tone dots need high fine detail mesh in order to hold and expose on.