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ROQ Positive Registration Unit - U-Clamp System

by ROQ

The ROQ PRU Pre-Registration System is an innovative integrated system that allows you to pre-register your films precisely on each screen before you put the screen on press. By placing the screen in the positive registration pins you can ensure each frame fits exactly in the same place every time and will perfectly correlate to your sRoque Automatic Press. With the easy to use LED lights you can see directly through your emulsified screen mesh in order to ensure the proper film placement. Once the screen is exposed, you can place the screen in the press using the positive pin system integrated into the press head and you'll ensure 99%+ accuracy for registration every time.

NOTE: The U-Clamp system must be used with compatible pallet.

Do the math!

An sRoque Automatic prints 1000+ shirts per hour, even if you average half of that (500 shirts per hour) and profit $2 per shirt that means your hourly profit for press operation equals $1000. On average the sRoque PRU Pre-Registration System decreases press setup from 45 minutes to 15 minutes. This could save you an average of 30 minutes each time you setup a press, which is equal to $500 in production! At those numbers the sRoque PRU Pre-Registration System will pay for itself in under 10 jobs!

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