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Vastex Econo Red II Infrared Conveyor Dryer (54in)

by Vastex

The EconoRed 54 Infra-Red Conveyor Dryer from Vastex International is one powerful dryer yet is only 7 1/2 feet long making it an ideal solution for shops with heavy duty production needs but limited floor space! It features a 54" wide belt that allows for double loading and combined with it's Infra-Red Focusing, PID temperature control and variable belt speed control, allows for production capabilities of 500+ shirts per hour.

The Teflon coated fiberglass belt travels along our exclusive patented belt tracking system to ensure accuracy and dependability and combined with wide feed and exit openings, contributes to higher production levels.

Standard features include advanced controls with heater fault indicators, powered exhaust and user-friendly diagnostic pilot lights. Also standard is our Scrub-Air™ feature which produces forced hot air on the garments — ideal for delicate materials or water-based inks (towels). And, the air-cooled outer cabinet and control box along with the powered exhaust, ensures cool running even in the closest of environments. Your garments get heated, not your shop!


Econo Red II Specifications:

  • Standard Wattage: 14,400W
  • Electrical Specs: 240V / 64A / 1 Ph. /3 wire 50/60HZ
  • Belt Width: x length: 54" x 7-1/4'
  • Heater Width: 48"
  • Chamber (tunnel) Length: 3'
  • Cure Times: Plastisol @ 25 sec 600+/hr
  • Water Based/Discharge @ 70 secs 200+/hr