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Wilflex Epic Perfect White LB Plastisol Ink

by Wilflex
54 reviews

Wilflex™ Epic is a non-phthalate finished ink formulated exclusively for Ryonet with a perfect balance of vibrant color, creaminess, and opacity for the best press performance and color design. Epic's increased opacity helps printers get to color quicker on press even when using fine mesh screen sizes, saving printers ink and money.


  • Bold and vibrant colors.
  • Opaque.
  • Creamy Inks.
  • Soft hand prints.
  • Matte finish.
  • Wet-on-wet printing.
  • Short flash times, lower cure temperature.



For single print colors, colors will reproduce best over white - light substrate or single white base plate on dark substrates. When direct printing over dark cotton, print-flash-print using lower mesh screens. For bleed resistance, use an under base white such as Wilflex Epic Polywhite.

Curing Instructions:

Flash at 220°F (105°C) for 3 - 5 seconds and cure at 320°F (160°C).

Clean Up:

Ink degrader or press wash.

Storage Information:

Store at 65-90°F (18-32°C), avoiding direct sunlight. Use within one year of manufacturing date. 

Customer Reviews
4.7 Based on 54 Reviews
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Kevin M.
Not perfect at all. Essentially has become an expensive 2 part ink requiring me to by reducer.

This ink is def not perfect. It climbs bad and is super thick. Essentially its become a 5 gallon investment of a 2 part ink... I've had to mix in reducer to every job i've printed and its costing me loads extra money. Its been drill mixed, stored at 70 degrees, heated up, and then finally caved in and just mixed in reducer to get it flowing at a reasonable rate. Maybe my expectations where high with the claim of "perfect" but this fell way short of it compared to our use for years of the Meteor White which was a great ink. Very bummed and cant wait for this 5 gallon bucket to disappear....

Chris R.
United States United States
Truly a perfect white

Smooth and easy to print with, works great as a general use white - good for cotton and poly/cotton blends. Way cheaper than some of the other whites we've used in the past, but performs almost exactly the same.


Thank you for taking the time to leave a review! Good to hear this staple ink is still holding up as a solid general use white ink. The labeling has changed (Wilflex removed the LAVA brand name) but rest-assured, the ink still has the same quality and performance. Happy Printing!

Kyle E.
United States United States
Smoothest flood stroke ever

I couldn’t believe how smooth the flood stroke was and how easy it cleared the screen!


Kyle!!! Thank you for your review! :) I'm so, so, SO glad you are loving the Perfect White! It is PERFECT for the job :) Smooth, easy... Just as a great ink should be. We appreciate you letting us know, friend! Warm regards, Kayli B

United States United States
So good even Stevie Wonder could see it.

Quick delivery! Outstanding ink. Have used a lot of white inks, but Really enjoy Lava perfect white. Lays down smooth on 50/50 and 100% cotton. Resembles as if I added a soft-hand base, but didn’t Thumbs up from, Donthemon.

Nicole A.
United States United States

It is easy to use and its great quality! Would buy again and again!