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Wilflex Epic Top Score Texas Orange Plastisol Ink (New Formula)

by Wilflex
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Wilflex™ Epic Top Score LC is a series of premixed athletic colors designed to meet the changing demands in the athletic market by delivering a solution for printing on polyester substrates that require low cure temperature


  • Non-phthalate.
  • Epic Top Score LC is an excellent ink choice for printing on synthetic fibers.
  • High Opacity: Colors have good reproducibility over dark (blocker) and white base plates or direct to garment.
  • Optimal for use on Athletic Garments when using lower mesh counts.
  • Soft enough to use on Athletic Wear when printing through higher mesh counts.


Print Parameters:

  • Use a print-flash-print technique when printing directly to dark garment colors.
  • EPIC TOP SCORE LC colors are low bleed inks. For challenging fabrics using sublimation dyes, a bleed blocking underbase such as EPIC ARMOR LC will be required.
  • Use consistent, high-tension screens to optimize print performance, like our Eco and Eco HD frames with either regular or thin thread panels.
  • When possible, use thin thread screens with smaller diameter threads and larger mesh openings. This allows for a much easier time printing your inks.
  • Adjust flash cure temperature and time so ink is just dry to touch. Avoid excessive flash temperatures to protect fabric and migration of dyes.
  • Avoid excessive flash temperatures to protect the fabric and the migration of dyes. Depending on your flash unit and print method, a 2-3 second flash is adequate. If the ink surface is hot and tacky, the ink film has been over flashed. Reduce temperature or time to prevent any possible inter-coat adhesion problems.

Curing Instructions:

  • Curing is a temperature over time process, a lower oven temperature setting with a slower belt speed, while maintaining recommended ink cure temperature is always best to protect fabrics (especially delicate synthetics), control all dye migration and reduce energy consumption.
  • EPIC TOP SCORE LC Colors will cure once the ENTIRE ink layer reaches 270°, from the top all the way to the bottom of the ink layer. The ink is stable between 270°F - 320°F (132°C - 160°C). Running at the higher end of the temperature range and/or longer dwell times may be required to achieve proper cure on jobs that contain cotton or heavy weight garments. This is due to the retention of moisture in cotton fabrics. The evaporation of water slows down the cure process.
  • If your conveyor dryer has a short outfeed, do not let hot garments fall on each other as the ink may be too hot upon exit. You may experience the ink sticking to itself, thus ruining the print. If possible, introduce a fan to assist in cooling down the fabric and ink.

Clean Up:

Use Sgreen Supreme Wash or Sgreen Ink Degrader. If needed, dispose of bad ink according to your local city, county, municipality regulations.

Storage Information:

Store at 65-90°F (18-32°C), avoiding direct sunlight. Use within one year of manufacturing date.