Ryonet Green Screen Blockout Tape - 2" x 36 Yard Roll

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If you are looking for a durable screen tape that is willing to work as hard as you, look no further. Ryonet's Green Screen Tape is a slightly elastic, very strong, durable tape made to outlast many wipe-downs with press wash. Use it on your screens to store them for long-term use or or as a solution for quick on-press color changes. Use this tape to cover the open mesh between the edges of your frame and emulsion, preventing ink from transferring to the shirt and under the mesh onto the frame.

Features and Benefits:

  • Slightly elastic stretch.

  • Solvent resistant.

Size: 2 in. x 36 yd. roll.

Color: Green.

Green Screen Tape. Easy to Remove.

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I prefer this tape over the blue tape cause it's not a PITA to take off and is just as strong. I keep this one stocked. Great product.

Not the biggest fan

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I will not be totally negative in this review. The positive side is it comes off pretty easy. Now I don't know if it is like masking/painter's tape or packaging tape where the longer you leave it on the harder it is to get off, or gummy feeling. I have only used it once and took it off right after the print. The cons to this tape is it is too plastic feeling and is a pain to use if you don't use scissors to cut it. Tearing it causes it to curl up and spring back and stick to itself. Once it sticks to itself it is stuck, because the more you try to get it apart the more screwed up it gets.

Just, OK...

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Not a fan of this green tape. Its too elastic so if you need to reposition it after already pressing it down on your screen it will essentially curl afterward and become very difficult to place back down effectively. It may be solvent and chemical resistant but its not as tough as PMI tape or even the older Blue Blockout Tape (which I thought was a great product)... this stuff also does poorly after being exposed to temps 95º - 102º (ie. my garage)... it begins to bubble and want to peel off the aluminum frame rendering it a waste of time and $.


<br>Gonna try to budget white stuff next time... maybe it will be better??... If all else fails I'll stick with my trusty, but overpriced, PMI tape for now...


by -

Only screen tape we use in our shop

meh..leaves sticky residue

by -

this tape is strong but if you leave it for a couple of weeks in the screen, get's hard to peel and leaves a sticky residue in the screen that your emulsion remover won't remove.