Riley Hopkins JR. 4 Color 2 Station Screen Printing Press with XY Micro Registration

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$1,199.99Retail Price

$1,199.99Retail Price
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As you’re starting or growing a screen printing operation one of the most important tools you’ll rely on and use is a quality screen printing press. The Riley Hopkins screen printing press is the most sold manual press in the history of screen printing with the quality and reputation of manual press use for over 40 years the Riley Hopkins JR screen printing press line provides a screen printer with a compact quality press for a great price.

The Riley Hopkins JR 4 color screen printing press is perfect for a startup screen printing shop printing out of a home, small space, or even mobile events. The flexible JR screen print press allows you to fit a multi-station press in many different spaces and crank out a good volume of shirts with consistent quality. For portability the Riley Hopkins JR 4 color screen printing press easily breaks down with the ability to take off or add back on print arms and can simply be screwed down to a short table with casters. For precise setup, the Riley Hopkins JR 4 color press features our basic X-Y micro registration and 9/16 wrench off contact and tilt adjustments.

Setup of the Riley Hopkins JR 4 color screen printing press is easy, most shops purchase the Riley Hopkins JR Press Cart which holds six screens and has heavy duty retractable casters for mobility and semi-permanent placement. You can also screw or bolt the JR press to a short table or stand or even use the crate the press is shipped in for a mounting table.

As you continue to develop and grow and start looking to produce higher color jobs, larger print areas, and faster and even more precise screen printing the Riley Hopkins Win and Riley 500 are great solutions to take the next step in manual screen press evolution. Even though many shops grow past a Riley Hopkins JR, they keep it around as it is forever handy for overflow jobs and optimal for mobility if you ever need to move a press for any reason.

Backed by our one of a kind limited lifetime warranty the Riley Hopkins JR 4 color screen printing press is a great investment now and thousands of shirts to come!


  • Heavy Duty Center Chassis Construction for Durability and Strength
  • Indexing/Rotating Platens w/ Roller Wheel Platen Stop
  • Durable US Steel Construction
  • Powder Coated Finish
  • Standard XY Micro Registration
  • 9/16 Tilt and Off-Contact Control (9/16 ratcheting wrench recommended)
  • Heavy Duty Springs
  • Adjustable and Interchangeable Riley Hopkins Platens
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty for Band Members (2-year limited warranty for non-members)


Tech Specs:

  • Diameter: 84"
  • Platen Height: 12"
  • Platen Size: 16"x16" w/ Neck
  • Max Frame Size: 23"x31"
  • Base Configuration: Bench Mount
  • Color/ Stations: 4 color / 2 station



Really happy with our 4x2 easy assembly,awesome sales team, makes printing easy right from our garage

Riley Hopkins jr press


Love my new Riley Hopkins 4 color 2 station press just wish I would of went with the 4 station press my next press will be the 6 and 4 press. But this press is accurate and on point micros and holds reg very very good. all in all a good investment. before it was taking me hours yo print a few shirts on a 1 station cheap press. now its take me like 30 minutes to do 12 shirts and that includes setup. I want to thank Alan Flores for all the help and always being kind best screen printing friend I even met dude is super super cool.

Do not buy.


The knobs are terrible, they strip out horribly. I'm stuck paying for four more years on this crap. None of my heads will work without rigging it. This is the worst purchase I've ever made in my life. They won't send me the parts to replace it. I'm just very disappointed.

Riley Hopkins Jr 4/2 Press

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This was our first press and first time screen printing for our garage based business. We purchased lots of shirts for our online business, now we do them ourselves. This press holds perfect registration, we have done 500 shirt runs with it and had zero registration issues. Only 2 small disappointments. The screen clamp screws will strip out pretty easily so you have to be careful to not over tighten and the brackets on the platens are great, but if you order new platens, or different size platens they come with a larger, heavier bracket that is hard to get shirts over. Having a hard time explaining that I want to buy the same brackets that came with it for my new sets. Im really glad we chose this press as our first one, it was easy to learn and gave us a lot of growth room. 1-4 color is no problem, even 4 color process printing is a breeze on white shirts with this press. Once we upgrade to the next press, this one will stay in my shop and get used!

Great Press

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This is our first press and has served us from our garage to our new retail print shop. We do runs for others but primarily focus on our own clothing line.


<br>We have printed a lot of shirts on this with little to no issues with registration. In hindsight we may have gotten the 2/6, but then again most of our prints are 1 and 2 color.


<br>As the other reviewer said, once we upgrade this will remain in the shop as a go-to for some runs.


<br>My only challenge is I wish there was an option for extending the arms for the occasional outside the box print run. For example, we have to plan ahead on stencil placement if doing the same print on shirts and tote bags.

Very High Quality, Heavy Duty. LOVE IT!

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I have to say, I am beyond impressed with this machine! By far one of the most high-quality starter presses. The parts are all very high quality and heavy. I am in love with the lime green finish on the press. The microregistration is a must for every screen printer beginner or pro. All in all, I am very happy with this press and I definitely recommend this press to every start-up. The shipping was very quick and the crate is built to ensure the safety of the machine.